February 06, 2007

Unfinished Business

Spring workout shave begun for some of the Tigers.

Hueytaxi, AKA Roger DeWitt, has captured some of the action. His flickr has several pics of the players who are already in Lakeland, Florida, working out. Bill Ferris, of the Detroit Tigers Weblog, also has some information about training camp.

The photo above, of Justin Verlander, was taken by DeWitt. I like the picture because of a couple of different factors: Verlander's hat and sweatshirt, mostly. His hat is the same one he wore in the Series. Quite telling, I believe. Click on the Verlander picture and visit my flickr.

Thanks for tuning in.

Did you see that Jeff Weaver signed a huge one-year contract to pitch for the Seattle Mariners. Apparently, he wanted to place somewhere with some laid back rules on recreational relaxing ...


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