February 28, 2007

Please, Mr. Postman

I'm not really one to complain. Usually I just comment. Before I get rolling, I'll share a positive. The people at Logan's Roadhouse are always excellent. I've eaten there twice and both time the experience was awesome.

Now, to get to the commenting on the negative ... Oh, don't stop reading.

I'm not slamming anybody on purpose here, but the snowplows cleared our road three days after the storm and three days after our plowman cleared us out. Well, the postman decided that he wasn't going to deliver our mail because the mailbox hadn't been cleared out. To be fair, yes, he had given us a "ticket" earlier saying we needed to clean our box. We did. But, the county cleared the road in the middle of the day (we work) and no one could clean out around the mailbox. Well, no mail yesterday. Okay, I could understand that.

So, I cleaned out around the mailbox. There was plenty of room for a car to deliver or pick up mail. In fact, the Daily News delivery person had no problem any day this week. Any way, the mailman didn't deliver the mail again today. Lori headed up to the post office (she knows I love mail) and picked up our mail. The deliverer said, "It just wasn't cleaned up enough."

Enough. Give me a break. I remember the mail person in Elk Rapids was always friendly, polite, and willing to go out of the way for her customers. Is it any wonder that I choose to use UPS or FedEx instead of overnighting things through the post office? The customer service there these days is nonexistent. There, I said it.

This is the worst tone I've ever blogged in. I hope you finished the post. What do you think? What other companies frustrate you? Comment!

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