February 28, 2007

Michigan Roll by Tom Kakonis

It was 1988. I was probably either late in my sophomore year or early in my junior year. I'm not sure because I don't remember exactly when I found the book and discovered an author. I think my family was down in Clarkston, visiting my grandparents. We went to the mall, probably the Summit Palace.

The back of the book read, "Traverse City -- Some call it the jewel of Michigan's north country. Others call it just plain boring ... until four very quirky -- and very dangerous -- strangers come to town." That was all I had to read. I lived in Elk Rapids at the time -- 12 miles north of T.C. I had to read it.

It was really fun reading the book, because the places described were places I was familiar with. I had always read and imagined what the author was telling us about ... but this time, I knew. I had been there, so to speak.

Tom Kakonis, the author, was an English professor at Ferris State University. I corresponded with him a few times and he actually encouraged me to meet with him at Ferris when I was a student at Central Michigan. I had asked him about writing, how to go about it, etc. I was a writer -- always have been -- but, had never really talked writing with a professional ...

Thanks for reading! Now, go read!!!

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