February 22, 2007

The End of the Rainbow

The Famous Final Thaw (Or, let's get this weird winter over with.)

Maybe it's just that we're in February and things seem to get to people more easily. Each year at this time, people's nerves seem to be shorter fused; it's easier to bother someone or even upset them during the final month of so of the long winter.

Currently, I know a number of people who are facing trying times. Several friends and family members are facing uncertainties with their jobs or careers. Other friends are battling various illnesses, including cancer. Others just have personal situations they're trying to sort out.

I was brought up to believe the old adage "There's a reason for everything." I've lived by that motto many times, especially when things don't seem too great.

I must have said this phrase several times because a couple of years ago, Amber, who is now 15, quite calmly in a strange situation, "You know, I've just learned to believe that there's a reason for everything. It'll be all right."

Not to make light of anything like a job loss, cut in pay, battle with illness, etc. but this morning I hit a deer for the second time in about 10 months. When you live in Michigan, that kind of thing happens. It's happened to me five or six times. We were cruising along at a normal rate of speed for a county highway when a movement caught my eye. Then, we heard a bang, thud, boom ... Courtney, the 14-year-old, began screaming and sobbing. I kept driving, never even touching the brakes to the next cross road, where I turned around. Amber, she's 15 remember, turned to me and made a crazy, calm statement, "Wow, I think that's the first time ..." Totally unfazed. She took it in stride.

Things happen. There's always a reason.

Venison jerky, anyone?

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Lakeland Local said...

I admire your calm. It only happened to me once. 5 am on a quiet Indiana road on the Ohio River. He jumped from the river up onto the road. For a brief moment he was in the air flying before he slammed into my subcompact. I saw him coming and had swerved to the left as I yelled like Little Richard. He hit at my right headlight and twisted and crushed the entire right side of my car.

I remember the local auto body man telling me he had seen another Tercel the week before. That car was totaled and the driver killed.

I'm glad to hear no one was hurt in your encounter.