January 11, 2007

New Teacher Induction

The last two days, I have hosted four round-table discussions about inducting new teachers into the educational field. Called simply "New Teacher Induction," I spoke with about 25 people the past two days about the topic.

I am working on a field study/thesis paper to complete my Education Specialist Degree at Central Michigan University. I have studied the topic for about seven years, beginning in the summer of 1999. I became interested in new teacher induction because, well, basically, I was given a key and told "good luck."

That's how I start my presentation ... "Give a new teacher a key and tell him/her 'good luck.'" Many of my friends had the same entrance into education. If you look for information on the topic, you cannot find much.

After talking about it the past couple of days, I feel good that I do know my topic well. I enjoyed answering questions and hearing feedback from people who had similar experiences. Some people told me that's what their school still does (i.e. key & good luck).

Well, thanks for checking in!

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