January 11, 2007

Musical Meanerings

You know from tuning in now and again that I like music a lot. I usually do not write "a lot," but "a great deal" didn't seem to fit in that sentence. All my life, I have fallen into "phases" where I would only listen to one artist for a couple of weeks or months. At times it's Bruce Springsteen, sometimes it's Bob Seger. It could be one of my all time favorites John Mellencamp (I've seen him live 20 times!) Maybe Rob Ritchie (AKA Kid Rock) takes up space in the CD/MP3 player ... Right now, it's Billy Joel.

Billy Joel's album 52nd Street was one of the first albums I ever received. It's still one of my favorites to this day. I used to only listen to side one, but on CD you listen to the whole platter (or as Losey would say "disc.") Anyway, I just finished reading the unauthorized biography of Joel, which I started over a year ago, and I've been listening to various albums and a lot of cuts from "My Lives." I started thinking, "Man, it's about time Billy came back to Michigan."

So, I checked his Web site and ... surprise, he's starting a tour soon. But no Michigan. Then, I checked two days later ... May 4, the Palace of Auburn Hills. I don't know if I'll go or not, but I'll think about it. I've seen Billy five or six times. He was the first concert that I ever attended, February, 1990. If you've seen Billy live, you know what I mean when I say that I'll never forget singing "Piano Man" with 20,000 other fans.

Yeah, right now it's a Billy Joel phase. Maybe next week it'll be Jimmy Buffett (the older stuff, please!) or KISS. Maybe it'll be the Rolling Stones ... Van Halen/Hagar ... Sammy Hagar ... I never know. Whatever mood I'm in I guess ...


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