December 02, 2006

Record Stores

Back in the late 80s, I used to buy most of my music from two sources: Ye Olde Music Shoppe in Elk Rapdis, Mich., or Camelot Music in Traverse City. They were the best sources for the most music. Places like Tape World and similar stores just didn't have the selection. Plus, Joe, the owner at YOMS, would order just about anything. Plus, he had a collection of old 45 RPM singles that was really cool.

In the 90s, I moved on to Mt. Pleasant and bought most of my music at Wherehouse Records. Once in a while, I would visit New Moom Records but that was because there was one in both MP and TC. Wherehouse had about anything you would want, plus they had Ticketmaster.

Music sales became competitive, though, and places like, Meijer, Wal-mart, and Best Buy moved in for the kill, offering low prices on compact discs in the hope that you purchase large ticket items. I haven't bought music anyplace other than a major store chain or the Internet in a long time. Wherehouse left MP a few years ago ... just all the sudden moved out. It was actually a sad day.

Makes you wonder whatever happened to the record stores?

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