December 04, 2006

Central Michigan's Coach Heads to Cincinnati

Wow! Brian Kelly did not get the Michigan State University head coach position, so he has accepted the job of the man who beat him out. Kelly is going to become the head coach for the Cincinnati Bearcats. I really thought he would stay one more season and get the Chippewas into the Top-25 rankings. Best of luck to him. He is an excellent coach.

You can read the Free Press article here.

CM Life has a take on things ... LINK.

The Morning Sun says ... LINK.

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Brock said...

I am absolutely shocked. This is a total lateral move with a chance at 6 figures. If he would have coached Central for two or three more years, he probably could have replaced Lloyd at U of M. I hate U of M but I think Kelly would be a heck of an option when Lloyd decides to hang it up. Here is a link to a forum at about the Kelly hire at Cincinnati. You will have to copy and paste the link but it should work.