December 11, 2006

Please, Mr. Ford, FIRE MILLEN!

The following is a true and actual letter that I wrote to Mr. Marty Mornhinweg when Matt Millen, Lions general manager/team destroyer, held a press conference to say he was keeping him as his head coach. Never before had something like that happened! (Oh, yeah, and the Lions buisness address is listed below, so if you would like to send a letter to Mr. Millen, please do!

Vestaburg, Michigan 48891

January 2, 2003

The Detroit Lions, Inc.
C/O Mr. Marty Mornhinweg, Head Coach
222 Republic Drive
Allen Park, MI 48101

Dear Coach Mornhinweg:

Good luck next season. We Lions fans have faith that you will turn the team around. As a public school athletic director, I realize that whoever has the horses is going to win the race. You and your organization are working hard to bring some stallions to Ford Field.

Many of us longtime fans are used to disappointment and usually don’t even get our hopes up at all when a season begins. We are asking you to change this for us! We want to be excited when camp opens every year.

Many times players and coaches leave the Lions and become successful someplace else. Will you stay in Detroit and become successful there. I would prefer not to look at a team in seven years and say “Remember when Marty coached the Lions? We always knew he would be successful someplace!”

Best of luck next year and in the years to come. It’s a shame the team had to hold a press conference to say “Yeah, we’re bringing our coach back.” Heck, you’re in place, let’s let you develop your team and put it all together!

Thank you,
Rick Heitmeyer

Hey, the guy many times seemed clueless. He was the consolation prize when Millen couldn't hire Steve Mariucci after he fired Gary Moeller. Some of what I say (or all) in the letter is still consistent today (i.e. Artose Pinner, #3, etc.) and we are all looking forward to the day when training camp opens and we have, ah, hope. It reminds of when Randy Smith was the Tigers GM and basically destroyed that team by signing athletes instead of signing baseball players with good character. I'm not ripping the drafting of Matt Anderson, Jeff Weaver, Robert Fick, Eric Munson, or any of those guys. Oh, yes I am. I am a believer in signing talented players who have good character. A team with good character and leadership can handle one or two players with questionable character, but a young team (i.e. early 00's Tigers) with hoodlums ... yikes!

F. I. R. E. M. I. L. L. E. N. (or dude, just resign)

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