December 25, 2006

Detroit Tigers Baseball

Detroit Tigers Baseball
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As the year winds down, one of the greatest highlights is the season the Tigers had in 2006. Starting off with six quick wins in early April and continuing through to a total of 95, the Detroit Tigers Baseball Club of the American League brought credibility back to Tiger baseball.

The Old English D (well, the two or three versions the Tigers use) is a classic icon once again. Comedian, actor, singer Jeff Daniels said, "People envy me ... Everytime I wear my Old English D."

It was a great summer and even a great fall ... No one could have predicted the Tigers would end up in the "classic in the fall." It was surreal and I still can't believe that on October 22, I stood down the left field line and watched the Tigers win a World Series game in 44 degree weather. I saw several games this year, but that one ... it really stands out as AWESOME!

It was only three seasons removed from 119 losses. It was only three seasons removed from 119 losses. Does that not just sound unreal to you?

As Daniel's says in his new version ("Redux" ... you can download it at "We'll be back in 2007!"

That "D," or those "D's," they're cool again. And that's pretty darn neat!

(Defense of the American League Championship begins in Detroit, Mich., on April 2, 2007 ...)

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