December 26, 2006

A Cardinal Fan

A Cardinal Fan
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We were walking through Busch Gardens in Tampa. We had just finished looking at lions, hippos, and giraffs. Out of nowhere, this guy walks sporting a St. Louis Cardinals World Champions shirt. Most of the shirts I've seen so far on the trip have been Yankees, D-Rays, Twins (yep!) and Tigers. Hadn't seen many Cardinals shirts -- let alone shirts that celebrate the Championship.

Of course, I didn't know this guy, but I said to Lori, "I feel like I should go tell him that on behalf of all of us, he is welcome." She finally called my bluff (I'd mentioned this a time or two already), walked up to him and asked if we could get a picture with him.

We joked around about the World Series a little bit. You see, Cardinal fans, they were glad the team one won game. Tiger fans, we won one game and we wanted to win four. Actor/comedian/singer Jeff Daniels says it best ... "And if you're a Cardinals fan, huh! You're welcome." I'll remember that line for a long, long time.

Hopefully, next October, we can get rid of the bad memories (even though the season was filled with good ones!)

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