November 27, 2006

Did Ya Shop?

We headed out on our annual Black Friday brigade on Friday. This is the first year Lori, my wife, joined us. Usually, it's my dad and I going one way and mom and sister (Amy) going to another. Amy was unable to make it up to Michigan for Thanksgiving this year, though. She's a government worker and had to work Friday. So, Lori agreed to go along this year.

In years past, we did all of this down in the Oakland County area, where things are much more spread out and there are like ten Best Buys in a 50 mile radius. Well, in Traverse City, there is one Best Buy in like a 500 mile radius. That probably answers whether or not we were able to get a $250.00 lap top. NOPE!

As usual, it was fun. But, getting up at 3 a.m. leaves the body worn. After the escapades and some great deals, it was easy to go to bed by 8:30 that night.

What was the best deal you found?

(Oh, and have you heard that today is officially Cyber Monday?)

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