March 04, 2017

Don't Buy Anything From SharkNinja

SharkNinja Class Action Law Suit

So in the Christmas of 2015, we received the Ninja Coffee Bar for Christmas. It worked really well for most of 2016, but suddenly in November 2016, it quit making full pots of coffee. It would make a quarter pot or so. I contacted customer service and they sent me some descaling solution and a set of directions to follow in order to descale the unit. I followed the directions and low-and-behold, it worked. Basically, you spend 65 minutes cleaning your coffee machine. Now, I've had a few different coffee makers in my time, but nothing ever needed cleaning like this.

The other day, it was right back to the same old problem. So, I knew how to solve the situation: just buy some descaling solution and spend 65 minutes working on the machine. Well, three tries later and it's still not putting out more than a small amount of water.

So I called SharkNinja customer service and requested help again. And, NOTHING. Sorry, your warranty expired in November. I explained that it was doing the same thing it was in November, but it didn't seem like it could be fixed. I informed the person I was talking to of my concern and he insisted there was nothing they can do — the warranty expired in December and I stated that the cleaning solution had solved the problem in November. I reiterated, in as nice a voice as possible, that this device should not be showing the same problem three months later. He could do nothing and there was no supervisor available to talk to. I asked for a call back and was told that someone would call Saturday or Monday.

The call came this morning and — again — there was nothing they could do. The warranty expired in December. And even though it's showing the same problem as before, I stated that the "fix" worked in November. Remember, these new machines were touted as the best coffee machine you can get. They didn't even call them coffee pots anymore. I believe that the lemon law allows for replacements after the warranty expires.

"Sir, we will send you a new unit at a 40% discount ..."

"Why would I want to pay additional money for a device that I'm not even sure works correctly?"

"Sir, that's the offer we can make ..."

JUNK. I'm sure we're not the only ones experiencing this problem and it will probably come to fruition eventually.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need a water softener. Spend $1800 to get a filtering/softening system in your house and that will fix your coffee maker. Or take their offer and get the new one for $100 and be happy. They can't be held responsible for your crappy Lakeview water.

Sharon said...

Rick, you are 100% correct. Basically the Ninja Coffee Bar is an overpriced piece of junk. I also purchased on and had the same problem with no help from so-called "Customer Service". They released a machine that was not ready to be released. On every site that features Ninja Coffee Bar there are more complaints than compliments. Every one has the same problem. Customer services suggested it was air locked, I take that as an admission it's a poorly designed product. I've owned plenty of coffee makers in over 40 years and never had one that air-locked or had one that was quit working so quickly. $10.00 coffee makers are better made that the Ninja Coffee Bar. I hope there is a class action suit someday, there should be. I'll be on that list for sure.

p.s. Water softener would not rectify the problem. I have one of the best water softener systems available and the Ninja product still doesn't work correctly. Soft water won't help a poorly designed coffee pot.