February 01, 2017

The Piano Man Continues to Ride


"I don't care what you say anymore ... this is my life ..." 
THEN … Cue the jamming piano! 
I have been in a Billy Joel mood lately. It amazes me that he hasn't put out an album of new material (well, rock 'n' roll, that is) since 1993. It's been almost 25 years since he last released a new record. The guy still sells out shows constantly — and he charges a high price for tickets. I haven't seen Billy Joel in concert since, ahem, 1998. So it's been almost 20 years since I've seen him in concert, but the funny thing is that when I last saw him it had been only five years since THE RIVER OF DREAMS had arrived on shelves in August of 1993.

Billy Joel became a favorite of mine in 1978 when I first heard the song "My Life," and subsequently heard the entire album 52nd STREET. As a first grader, it was my favorite record. And I had a few other records and was familiar with my parents' record stash as well.

Anyway, I've been listening to a great deal of Billy Joel lately and even ordered A MATTER OF TRUST: THE BRIDGE TO RUSSIA which was the spiritual sequel to his 1987 concert album recorded in Russia. I don't know why I wasn't interested in it when it came out three years ago, but listening to some stuff including a fan–created eight compact disk set THE ANTHOLOGY, I decided to check it out.

I'm a fan of Billy's oldest and least know material and his latter stuff. I have his material on vinyl, cassette, original CD release, and remastered CD release. I have all of his anthologies, his greatest hits, etc.

I do wish that Billy Joel would put out one more new album.

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