August 06, 2016

Pencil Art

Writing with a pencil 

Recently, I started writing with a pencil again. I have used cheap pens, nice pens, Ticonderoga No. 2 pencils, Pentel Sharp P205 mechanical pencils, Ticonderoga mechanical writing pencils, etc. trying to find the best way to write. I've used Tops yellow writing pads, Moleskines, and many other formats for writing. I have done my best planning in various Moleskines — they seem to be the best avenue for creating focus. I do take a great many notes on Tops legal pads. If you've followed any of my writing here, you know that I have always like to write, to get my thoughts down.

Rick's (Still) Writing Again

The Pinkcast

Recently, Dan Pink put me back in touch with my penciled youth. If you click on his name it will take you to the "Pinkcast." Most of them are pretty good with interesting ideas. I started using the Faber Castell pencil he recommends and it does write smoothly. It's nice to be able to erase again, too.

Pencil Holder

The photo above is of my desk at work in Vanderbilt. One day Lori came home and had that awesome pencil holder. Now, having a tradition of giving Ticonderogas to everyone, I thought for sure she had bought the pencil holder for me.

"Wow," I said. "That's awesome. For me?"

She said, "No. For my classroom."

A couple hours later she came to me and said that she realized why I thought the pencil holder was for me and told me it would be great for my office. I didn't even argue. At one point, I have a five foot tall Ticonderoga in my office but I think I got rid of it a couple years ago.

"Write" Right

I have a few different kinds of pencils and pens in the holder. I use whichever one feels "write" at the time. I sign most official things with my blue inked Cross pen, I sign other things with a blue Pilot G2. My goto pencil is still the Ticonderoga No. 2 but the Faber Castell is great for planning and jotting notes. Strangely, after nearly 20 years in administration, it finally makes sense to plan with pencil!

I wonder how many of my administrative friends feel the same way?

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