July 20, 2016

I'm a fan of misused words and mispellings

"Every day" or "everyday" often misused

A simple street name causes conundrum 

I arrived at Vanderbilt Area School last year. With a marketing background, I felt it was important to place more focus on the Vanderbilt "yellow jacket" than the "V" that had been highlighted on the letterhead for several years. I redesigned a number of things, including letterhead and business cards, among other things. I even printed some labels to put on envelopes for "return addresses."


I used the address 947 Donovan St. That's the address that was on EVERYTHING. It's the address the state had on file for the District. It was everywhere.


One night I was leaving work and noticed the street sign: "Donavan." I almost panicked. How could everything be wrong. Why would the school do that? I didn't think too much about it, but decided I had to figure out where something became confused. I couldn't find anywhere that had the "Donavan" spelling. Even Google Maps and all the others had it the "Donovan" style.

Street Signs

Now, the obvious thing to do is to check other street signs, but that didn't cross my mind. Until recently. The correct spelling is "Donovan." Somehow, the street sign nearest the school is misspelled. I don't know if I should tell the village or just not worry about it. Since the school has been right on their spelling all these years, I'm relieved.

947 Donovan.

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