June 16, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Detroit's Gum Time

Throwback Thursday

Back in 2006, the Detroit Tigers were taking baseball by storm. They had lost 119 games only three years before and suddenly, under new management, the team was rolling. 
One guy who made a great impact was a little known pitcher Nate Robertson. He was good in '06 but it seemed like he was always about an inch away from flipping things in the other direction. His biggest contribution to the team was GUM TIME. It resonated with the fans for that incredible summer. 

If you look closely at the picture, you will notice that somebody signed the package of Big League Chew. I've been chewing Big League Chew for years -- ever since I was a little leaguer.

Recently, Nate Robertson has made it cool again as "it" has instigated some rallies for the Detroit Tigers. In addition to several other Tigers, Nate Dog was signing and was willing to sign my package of Big League Chew. 
I read on Nate's blog that a signed package of BLC is going for $90.00. Mine is not for sale!

Thanks, Nate!!!

This post originally appeared on this blog in June 2006. 

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