June 14, 2016

Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch In a Bar. What Could Go Wrong? 

I don't consider myself a negative person.

In fact, people would probably describe me as an eternal optimist.

I can make an excuse for anybody to explain why they are behaving in a certain way. If the waitress seems to be in a bad mood and the service isn't the best, then maybe she had a bad morning. I can come up with all kinds of reasons.

Recently, we were informed at J&S in Traverse City that the wait for a table was indeterminate but once we were seated, it would be at least 40 minutes before we were served our breakfast. We were welcome to stay but they just wanted us to know. So we wandered around Traverse City, looking for an alternative. Apparently, we forgot that it was June which means summer which in turn means tourists.

We ended up at a bar that recently has begun advertising its Sunday brunch. So, to sum it up without getting into a great amount of detail, DON'T GO TO A BAR FOR SUNDAY BRUNCH.

Yes, it seemed like it was straight out of a cheap diner in Las Vegas. And that's where the goodness started. We didn't have our coupon but that would be okay, according to our server.

After our long wait for food (this is a buffet, remember), and the place running out of plates, using plastic cups for our "orange juice" and small shot glass style dealies for our coffee, it was shaping up to be a disappointment. Yes, we were there under an hour and the establishment ran out of food four times, plates countless times, and we were never offered a refill on our coffee. The highlight might have been the Frosted Flakes.

I would not go there again for brunch. The moral of the story is that you shouldn't eat Mexican food at a non-Mexican food establishment. I once read that and it makes so much sense. So, friends, don't go to a bar for Sunday brunch. You will be disappointed.

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