June 25, 2016

Rick's Picks — Diners, Dives, and Drive–ins

Don's Drive–In & the $9.00 milkshake 

Sometimes when you live someplace you never take advantage of some of the cool local fare. Lori and I have tried to enjoy more of the northern Michigan living the last couple of summers. One place we like to go visit every summer is Don's Drive–In in Traverse City.

Don's makes the most incredible shake, a cherry/chocolate conglomerate that is second to none. I went ahead and bought a large the other day — not realizing the cost would be $9.00. It was somewhat worth it, though.

We both got a burger basket and the baskets were okay. Both Lori and I would say that our burgers were good and the huge fries were top notch. Don's is the kind of place that could be featured on Guy Fieri's show. The aforementioned shake could be the "unique" item because it is cherry–based and this is Traverse City.

I believe the burger is locally–sourced and often bought at the annual 4–H Fair in northwestern Michigan, which is a great touch. We've never been disappointed when visiting Don't Drive–In. The only caution is that it is a bit pricey (see reference to the milkshake; cherries must be expensive pre–season). The service is usually pretty good.

We were the first ones to arrive when we visited the other day, at about 10:45. Good lunch, good atmosphere. If you're visiting the TC area, we locals would encourage you to visit Don's Drive–In.

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