May 24, 2016

The pursuit of youth

Soda Pop, Potato Chips, and Baseball Cards

Searching for products that I remember from my youth is just something that I like to do. I'm not sure why — I just think I have this strange need for nostalgia. I have saved so many things that I could probably be on hoarders. I have years of magazines (stored at my parents — thanks!), more baseball cards than I could ever need, and so many books I can't wait to build my own library one of these days.

Pepsi Light

At one time, I was in pursuit of a Pepsi Light bottle or can. Pepsi Light was a product in the late '70s that didn't make it ultimately. I was never able to find any on my own, but one of my colleagues at Buckley found my two empty cans and then — a full, unopened bottle. So, now I have some Pepsi Light merchandise. I remember that the soda beverage had a lemony taste. I wonder, though, if it had an after–taste kind of like Tab that made it not so popular.

Flavor of the weak

My latest pursuit is to find some Cain's Potato Chip merch. Cain's hasn't been around in a while but I remember that my parents used to have Cain's around the house all the time. The chips were delicious, especially the "salt & vinegar" style. I remember thinking the chips were the best we ever had. Of course, I was a youngster and probably hadn't ever really had that many potato chips.

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