May 21, 2016

My Hardy Boys History

My Hardy Boys History

When I was young I really wanted to learn to read. I don't have any idea why but I think it's because of the World Book Encyclopedia Yearbooks that my Grandma and Grandpa Morgan had at their house in Clarkston. I wasn't able to read them but they sure did look cool. Years later, on visits to Grandma and Grandpas I would spend hours reading the yearbooks and studying the history of the major sports and determining what teams moved, folded, or won championships. It was like my own personal Internet way before the superhighway became a part of our lives.

When my Mom and Grandma would shop in Flint, they would sometimes take me along. I remember going into bookstores and staring at the books, knowing that someday I would be able to read them. I had lots of Dr. Seuss books eventually, some Berenstain Bears books, Disney books, etc. My Mom even had them delivered to our house — this is probably why I still love getting the mail every day. Eventually I graduated to reading the Hardy Boys series. I devoured the original series and began buying the updated series, as well as everything else I could read. When the series was further updated with the Casefiles, I began looking forward to new releases and often got them on the day they were released (or soon after).

Another fun part of visiting Grandma and Grandpas in the early '80s was that they had Channel 20 out of Detroit and it showed the Hardy Boys & Nancy Drew Mysteries on Sunday mornings, so I could watch the reruns. I don't remember watching the series when it was on regular TV in its first run, but I loved the reruns.

Now, I have the first three seasons on DVD. I watch the series regularly — usually by myself on a Saturday morning. I have seen all of the shows several times, but catch something new each viewing. I watch them every few years. It's a bit hokey in actuality but it's fun to watch.

And guess what? It's Saturday morning. And Saturday morning is all right for detectin'.

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