January 11, 2016

Detroit Sports Teams on the Upswing

Detroit Sports Teams on the Upswing

Change, change, changes ... 

Motor City Football Squad 

I think the Detroit Lions made a good hire in Bob Quinn joining the team from the New England Patriots. The Patriots, despite some shady dealings, are a class organization in the NFL. It's hard to believe that not too long ago they were a worthless organization going nowhere. Now, they are a winning team year in and year out. Quinn gives the team a solid GM who has paid his dues in the league. He also would have a good relationship with some potential coaching candidates, should the Lions decide to end the Jim Caldwell tenure. Furthermore, the Lions already have two possible head coaching candidates in the current regime — and Jim Bob Cooter is one of those candidates.

Detroit Basketball

Similarly, the Pistons changes from a year ago are coming to fruition. The Detroit Pistons are close to returning to the rank of competitive team in the NBA. The league is a tough one and it's good to see the team in the Motor City competing again. It's hard to believe it's been a dozen years since the Larry Brown–led team shocked the Los Angeles Lakers and won the title. Stan Van Gundy has done a fine job as the GM and head coach.

The Detroit Nine

Finally, the Detroit Tigers will be breaking ground soon on a new season. The team has already broken ground on an improved Spring Training home in Lakeland, Florida. The team is getting ready to rebuild and create a state–of–the–art facility for the Tigers. For several years, the complaint has been that the weight facilities, the batting cages, etc. have not been up to par for the Major Leagues. The changes promise to allow the team to be even more prepared for the long season.

The return to form of Justin Verlander will have an incredible affect on the Tigers. 

On the same note, it will be interesting to see what the Tigers do this season. They have upgraded in several areas and they have also signed a solid starting pitcher in Jordan Zimmerman. The new closer is Francisco Rodriguez who has saved a great many games in his career and he is still a relatively young pitcher (see Nathan, Joe ... )

It will be interesting to see if the Tigers do decide to upgrade in left field. Yoenis Cespedes is still available and he was a solid, even spectacular, ballplayer for the Tigers last season. His role on the New York Mets after the late July trade at the deadline was nothing short of storybook. He nearly single–handedly pushed the New Yorkers into the post season, not to mention the World Series. He's available and the Tigers could use someone like him.

Cespedes was great in his first go–round with the Tigers. Is a return on tap? 

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