October 17, 2015

Austin Jackson and the Acquisition

Put Me In Coach

The Royals and Cubs are heading to a showdown in the Fall Classic.  And Austin Jackson is at the center of everything during the post season. 

It's amazing that Fernando Rodney and  Jackson are both on the Cubs' roster. Rodney has struggled the past couple of seasons and Jackson just never put it all together with the Mariners after his trade* from the Tigers in the summer of 2014. 

Jackson was constantly an up–and–coming future star during his tenure with the Tigers. 

Wisely, the Royals chose not to take Joba Chamberlain to the playoffs with them — his meltdown in 2014 with the Tigers against the Orioles was both epic and repeated (two nights in a row). 

Two–thirds of the Mets outfield are former Tigers: Curtis Granderson (part of the epic trade that brought Jackson to the Tigers from the Yankees back in the 2009 off season) and Yoenis Cespedes who has been a catalyst in allowing the Mets to jump the Washington Nationals. 

Former Tigers rental and ace (as well as someone involved in another aforementioned *trade involving Jackson) David Price is on the Toronto Blue Jays roster. Devon Travis did not make the postseason roster after the pre–season trade between the Tigers and Jays. 

Jackson is like Kevin Bacon in these playoffs: six degrees. It will be interesting to see how the post season shakes out, but it looks like the Kansas City Royals and Chicago Cubs are on a crash course. It's awesome to see the stadium in Kansas City filled up with all of the fans waving flags and making noise. I'm sure that Toronto and New York City will also be going crazy — but no park will be as awake as Wrigley Field in Chicago. 
The Spirit of Detroit decked in Tigers gear makes the City much more lively in October! 

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