August 15, 2015

As a Leader, What Do You EXPECT?

What do you EXPECT?

Generally, people will meet your expectations. The key to getting them to measure up to your standards is to clearly outline those expectations. I’ve been approached by colleague before, frustrated that someone didn’t do what they asked them to do. My first question, after listening, is “Did you make your expectations clear?”

The Answer

If the answer is “Yes,” then we have one problem. But, if the answer is, “I’m not sure” or “No,” we have a completely different situation. Again, generally people will meet your expectations.

I Don’t Know

If you tell me you’re not sure if you made your expectations clear, you probably didn’t. So, if you’re not sure, then we have to rectify that. It’s of utmost importance to ensure that your employees know what you expect. You have to make it clear. Crystal clear.

Crystal Clear

If you say instead, though, that you’re certain you made your expectations clear, then we have an employee problem. Now, it’s time to approach that employee and find out what exactly is going on. Usually, our situation falls into one of three areas.

  • The employee just did not understand the expectations and with some coaching and assistance will “get it.”
  • The employee understood but chose to do his/her own thing.
  • The employee is incompetent and will most likely never understand any instructions. 

As a leader it’s your job to move your crew forward. If there seems to be repetitive situations where the directions are being followed, this will require some looking in the mirror. Again, it could be that you’re not making things clear or perhaps that you have a tough team of followers. Hopefully, you aren’t in a situation where you’re surrounded by incompetence! If you’re surrounded by incompetence, then you may want to consider activating your own resumé …

Keep the faith

Leadership isn’t easy. If it were, then everyone would do it! Giving directions is something that must be done delicately. You want to make sure that your team is able to follow clear instructions well.

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