August 24, 2015

Fresh Fish!

There's nothing more delicious than fresh caught fish on the shores of a great lake in Michigan.

One of the summer excursions for Lori and me included a visit to Paradise, Michigan. It's a small community in the Upper Peninsula that sits right on Whitefish Bay. It's a cool place to visit. And believe it or not, the food is "to die for." That's right!

Eating fresh whitefish highlighted our visit.

The Fish House is open six days a week. That is, if they have a successful catch. If they do not catch enough fish, they don't even open. The day we visited, they hadn't caught enough trout so even though it was on the menu, they didn't serve any. But the whitefish that day was incredible.

If you get a chance, visit the Fish House right past the curve in Paradise, Michigan. You will not be disappointed. It reminded me of what Seth Godin talks about when he refers to a "purple cow." The Fish House serves incredible fish IF THEY HAVE A SUCCESSFUL CATCH. And as you can see, the sign is simple. And the fish is delish.

You still have time as summer doesn't officially end for a little while. And you're still hungry!

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