July 19, 2015



David Price has been everything he was advertised to be (and more) in 2015, likely his only (maybe) full season as a starter for the Detroit Tigers. The price to get him was expensive. The Tigers jettisoned Drew Smyly and prospect Willy Adames in the deal which involved both the Mariners and Rays.

Price has performed extremely well for the Tigers. It is unlikely that he will stay with the Tigers after this season, though, as he is a free agent and he will be commanding some serious cash. He will eclipse the contract former Tigers Max Scherzer commanded last off season from the Washington Nationals, something to the tune of seven years and $210 million. Price will get more — he's better with a longer upside.

His former manager in Tampa now manages the Chicago Cubs. He played well and was extremely comfortable with Joe Maddon. The Northsiders paid the big bucks for Jon Lester last off season and you can bet they're ready to back the Brinks truck up to Price's house to get him onboard. You have to wonder if the Cubbies would like to add the stud pitcher this year.

Everyone says that Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski won't sell. This team is average at best — as shown by their 45–45 record. The season is a little more than half over and in half the team's games, the Detroiters have scored two or fewer runs. Amazingly, when shut out last night by the Orioles, it was only the third time this season the Tigers hadn't scored a run. If you're a Tigers analyst like my friends and I, you're torn whether to buy, sell, or stand.

Iglesias was a mid–season trade that has worked. Kinsler, acquired prior to the 2014 season, was great in '14 and subpar in '15. Rondon, annointed the closer of the future, has struggled and is probably Toledo–bound. This carnation of the Tigers is not much more than average. 

If the Tigers can get a good package for Price, this might be the time to trade him if the organization is convinced he won't return when he's a free agent. With about 20 teams (including the Motown club) still contending for a playoff spot, the buyers might be willing to overpay because the number of parts available by trade may be limited. 

I believe that the Tigers do have a chance to re–sign potential free agent outfielder Yoenis Cespedes simply because the Tigers have one other Cuban All–Star and a Latin American–heavy clubhouse. Cespedes has been considered a tough teammate and bad for the clubhouse in the past, but the word is that he fits well in Detroit's clubhouse. Don't expect the Tigers to shop him at this point, as it's likely he will return. 

The 2015 Tigers will give way to the 2016 Tigers soon — and it could be a vastly changed roster. 

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