July 12, 2015

A Great Dinner and Visit

A Haircut & Dinner Visit

The other night we drove to Mt. Pleasant for two reasons.

One, I needed to get a haircut and I've gone to the same barber there since 1993. Off and on I have gone to other barbers, but always seem to return to MP. Woody's is a top notch barber shop.

So I got my hair cut and then Lori and I had dinner with our daughter Courtney.

We went to Olive Garden. We had an excellent experience. The server took great care of us. She made sure our food was on time and that our drinks stayed full. She even gave us each an extra mint at the end of dinner. Olive Garden has been hit or miss over the years and the stores have some weird policies, like how the assistant manager or whoever it is walks around talking into a microphone about where everyone is at their meal. That is annoying. But the Italian food and atmosphere is decent. Even though no one really goes to Italy for training.

Overall it was a fun trip down for the afternoon.

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