April 25, 2015

So Much On My Mind

Rick's Rambling (ramble on, ramble on …)

Rick Discusses Tragedy, Baseball, and Curriculum in Today's Post  

It's been a busy month. I have written a few posts lately, but continue to edit them. I've written about one of my heroes and how I found out that the hero was actually a jerk. I've written some more about curriculum and I've posed some thoughts on baseball walk–up songs. I am in this mode, though, where instead of following Seth Godin's advice and "shipping," I'm working on editing and revising for my blog more than I ever have. I don't really know why. Today, I'm going to talk about three things — and I'm not going to edit those thoughts. I'm writing and shipping today. Tragedy, the long baseball season, and even a couple words about curriculum. Hang in there and enjoy these thoughts.

Another Day in This Tragedy

At Buckley, we are experiencing tragedy for the second time in four years. One of our students was killed in a car accident, just one week ago. Tragedy hits hard and affects so many people. As leaders, however, we still have to stay strong, help people cope, and "be there" for so many people. From the moment the phone call comes in, EVERYTHING changes. The events that follow contain many moving parts and everything happens quickly.

Baseball in the Winter

The weather has been lousy for the last week or so, especially for baseball. The Tigers came out of the gates playing incredible baseball and have struggled for a few days. It's a LONG baseball season filled with many ups and downs. The Tigers have lost four games in a row. Heck, they will probably have three or four periods this season when they lose four in a row. It's a long, 162–game season. This is a solid team who will win a lot of games. The bullpen still has some problems and the bench is empty, but this team will overcome and compete. It's going to be a fun season in the D.

Iggy makes a huge difference up the middle. It will be an upgrade having Jose Iglesias playing short stop for this Detroit Tigers team. 

Curriculum and the State Standards 

I won't beleaguer the subject, I promise. We have transitioned from the Michigan Curriculum Framework to the Content Expectations to the Common Core State Standards, er, um, ah ... The CCSS became so controversial that Michigan apparently is not going to use the CCSS. Except the State is going with new standards, the State Standards. This was never announced via memo, podcast, or anything. It was Tweeted out on the first day of the MSTEP (replacement for the MEAP and actually the Smarter Balanced Assessment) that Michigan teachers have been preparing the the MSTEP since 2010 by transitioning to the State Standards. That was the first reference to the State Standards that I heard.

Have a great Saturday!

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