March 17, 2015

Economy of the Downsize

The Market Driven Economy of the Downsize 

We live in a world that constantly downsizes.

"You aren't doing anything right if you haven't downsized, it seems."

"You have to try downsizing."

"Mikey downsized … he likes it."

We hear about it often. We often watch it on the TV news.

"Everyone's doing it."

Every time I go to my favorite shopping center, it seems that fewer and fewer aisles are open. The lines at the self–checkout are growing constantly. Many, many people stand in line and then ATTEMPT to check themselves out.
It seems to be a struggle for most people. The lines at the self–checkouts grow and move slower. It's annoying, but then you look at the lines at the regular check–outs and they're getting longer and longer.

And when all the lines get longer and longer more and more people get more and more frustrated. Then, they start shopping elsewhere. Of course, the selections may not be as deep and the costs may even be more, the the cost/benefit of not waiting in line for 20–30 minutes has great potential.

What happens when everyone starts doing the same thing — and nobody can successfully shop? It's caused by the economy of the downsize. It's happening everywhere and across all types of work. it's not the greatest direction but we have to determine how to react … the right way.

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