February 02, 2015

Patriots' Brady Legendary with Super Bowl XLIX Victory Against the Seattle Seahawks

Bill Belichick Now a Certified Legend

That was a Cute Puppy

I admit it. I'm don't watch lots of college football on Saturdays, nor do I wait impatiently to watch the NFL on Sundays — or Thursdays or Mondays for that matter. I grew up a Lions fan, so I suppose I became jaded early on. This must be what it's like to be a Cubs fan in baseball, right? I do watch the Super Bowl every year, and I also watch the commercials. I don't think there were any incredible commercials last night, though the Budweiser puppy commercial tugged at the heart strings. The game was solid throughout, and the halftime show was interesting.

Pete Carroll Will Always Hear the Same Question Now … AND FOREVER

People will question Pete Carroll's decision to throw with 20 seconds left in the game. If the Seahawks had not scored a touchdown at the end of the first half EVERYONE would have questioned why Carroll didn't settle for three points; however, the Hawks scored a touchdown, the game was tied, and the play looked ingenious. I believe that if Seattle had scored with 20 seconds to go at the end of the game ON A PASS PLAY people would have been calling Carroll a genius because he knew that the Pats were expecting a run play, after all, the best player on the Seahawks is Marshawn Lynch. The only thing I question was having Russell Wilson set up in the shot gun. In fact, just before the play, I said, "Why's Wilson in the shot gun?" The answer was obvious …

Fight! Fight! 

The fight at the end of the game could have marred the outcome. Someone out there certainly understands that while Brady dropped to his knee the clock just simply couldn't run out. I was told it was because of all the flags, but I'm not sure that's the case. I think it was good that the game had to continue, though, or it could have ended in UGLY fashion. A game that is knocked for violence ends in violence — that's not what Roger Goodell had in mind, or is it? Conspiracy theorists ...

Super Bowl 50

Now, we have to get set for the first ever Super Bowl without Roman Numerals, Super Bowl 50. Apparently, the NFL thought that Super Bowl L just didn't look right. Look it up, friends, it's true.

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