December 19, 2014

Wrap It Up — I'll Take It

Time, For Me …

It's that time of year when we all talk about the great things from the current year and set out to make goals for the upcoming new year. I have to be honest, I can't place my finger on anything from the pop culture year that really stands out as incredible — it doesn't seem there were any phenomenal movies or songs that resonated. I read several books; one of my new year plans is to start reviewing those books on my blog. None of the books stands out as "can't miss."

Colorado in July — white water rafting. Bucket list: CHECK. 

All I can tell you about 2014 is that it went fast. I remember about 20 or 25 years ago when my dad told me that I probably wouldn't believe him but someday I won't believe how fast years go. It's amazing how quickly the years move anymore.

John Mellencamp, on the incredible Scarecrow album that will turn 30 in the new year in "Minutes to Memories" :

"Days turn to minutesAnd minutes to memoriesLife sweeps away the dreamsThat we have plannedYou are young and you are the futureSo suck it up and tough it outAnd be the best you can …" 
It's amazing how true that statement rings all these years later. On a sidenote, Mellencamp released Plain Spoken which is some of his best work. You can actually see where he was going in 1994 on the song "Another Sunny Day 12/25" on the Dance Naked platter.

I make a pledge to myself to write more in 2015. 

I never meant to set out and give JM accolades. This is truly a sentimental journey down the road of time and progress and goals and dreams — a snapshot, if you will. We have to realize that we are here for only a short while and we have to face the reality. It's time to " …suck it up and tough it out and be the best you can."

Peace. And stay the course.

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