September 13, 2014

Singin' along to the radio …

I Wanna Rock!

"My Life" — huge song on the radio in the late '70s. One of my first favorite songs. Wore out a 45 RPM and a couple of album versions when I was a youngster. It's a great song and might be listed at the same level as …

"Hot Blooded" — rockin' tune from my early childhood as well. Always loved hearing the song and singing along, even though it was many years before I understood what the song was all about, but that's not as bad as …

"Lonesome Loser" — because I thought this song said something about, "the law to losers," which for a kid sounded kind of cool. You know, I mean what must it be like when you're learning about the "law to losers."

"Jack & Diane" — just a tune about a couple of kids trying to hold on to their dreams. I was about 10 when the song was a hit, didn't really understand the line "hold on to 16 as long as you can" because 16 sounded so far away. Now, in my 40s, I get where John Cougar was coming from back then; however …

"Hurts So Good" — was another smash hit off the same LP, American Food. But this one was cool because the video was banned by MTV. Talk about cool.

"Zanzibar" — this tune is another one from the same album as "My Life" — 52nd Street. As a seven year old, the line "Rose he knows he's such a credit to the game, but the Yankees grab the headline every time" just took hold of a youngster who loved the Tigers but would take any reference to MLB as awesome!

"Saturday in the Park'" — used to be played on Saturday afternoon games in Detroit and I always thought it was the greatest, especially when watching a game at Tiger Stadium at the Corner of Michigan and Trumbull.

"You Never Even Called Me By My Name" — funny, but my dad used to occasionally listen to his cassette tape of David Allan Coe's greatest hits and this song played. I used to think it was cool. I've seen DAC in concert several times and consider him a legend.

"Rock N Roll All Nite" — I because a fan of KISS as a first grader. It was all a mistake, then I found out they had visited Cadillac, Michigan, and that seemed cool even though at the time I lived closer to "Detroit Rock City" than to northern Michigan. But the masked men grabbed a hold and have stayed with me for many a year.

"Cocaine" — true story is that I first heard this song in middle school when we were watching a movie that went after popular media that portrayed drug and alcohol use as good stuff. I had to find the song because it sounded great. And, yeah, it's a great song.

I could go on and on and keep writing about songs that I really like. I still love rock 'n' roll.

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