September 29, 2014

Holding On

Every year it starts in Lakeland, Florida.

The Tigers show up, ready to prepare for "that championship season."

Brad Ausmus took over the manager's office for the new season after eight years of  Mr. Leyland. It turns out Mr. Leyland was one cool customer. In 2006, when the team turned things around and ended up in the World Series, people wore "Leyland for Governor" shirts. It was a fun time. Joel Zumaya threw the ball 103 miles per hour. Nate Robertson had his 15 minutes with "Gum Time." Fun baseball in the D was something we hadn't really had in about 15 or so years back in '06.

Leyland chewed the team out after a lousy Sunday afternoon performance in Cleveland and the team just seemed like it wanted to head to Oakland. He famously said, "This has gone on here before and it's not gonna go on no more" or something to that effect. It had a great result. The Tigers started winning. And winning. And winning. And we all had a "reason to roar."

The Tigers are back in the playoffs. Four years in a row they have been crowned the Central Division Champions. The first time was great. Now, it's almost like they need to be the World Champions. Heck, there are even playoff tickets available for next week-end. When they won in '06, you couldn't even buy a standing room only ticket!

The fans like to have a winning team, especially those of us who remember the '90s and first half of the oughts. But, with the talent assembled, it's time for these guys to win a World Series. That will get the Tigers fans fired up. But winning every season is a lot better than losing and having nothing to play for in August and September ...

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