August 04, 2014

The PRICE you pay


I have to give Dave Dombrowski credit. He decided that he had a chance to get David Price from the Tampa Rays and he made it happen. It's similar to when the Tigers acquired Miguel Cabrera in 2007 or Prince Fielder in 2012 or even when the Tigers dealt for the relatively unknown Doug Fister. When Dombrowski gets the opportunity he makes it work.

We need the marquees to read something like this — 2014 — again! 

The PRICE for PRICE wasn't too extreme. Maybe the young short stop traded away will come back to haunt us for years but more than likely, another John Smoltz situation doesn't present itself too often. More likely is that we may decide to acquire him for the stretch run eight years later alá Andrew Miller and the Boston Red Sox.

Speaking of that, can you believe the sudden and defining turn over on the Red Sox roster. It makes you wonder about the Beard Power and how STRONG Boston was last October. Was it a fluke? It's hard to call it a fluke when the team won three World Series in 10 years, but last fall could have been much different had the Tigers reliever(s) not given up grand slams to David Ortiz and Shane Victorino. That Big Papi slam turned the course of the series, established that Torii Hunter's best defensive days were behind him, and made us suddenly realize that we had bullpen problems. At least those are solved, right.

I didn't set out to write a sarcastic post. I started out to say that I like the Price trade regardless of the "price." I think the Tigers starting staff is one of the best I've seen in my 40 years as a baseball fan. I remember when our best pitcher was Nate Cornejo. He never developed into whom they expected him to be, but who did off that '03 squad. Amazingly, there were some solid players on that team — it was just young, inexperienced, and not too incredibly talented. Some role players did emerge, however.

I always thought it would be cool to see the Spirit draped in a Tigers jersey. Finally, got that chance in '12. Still a cook memory how Detroit rocked for the Series. 

I used to call the Yankees the Red Wings of MLB. Now, I have to consider the Tigers the "new Yankees." It seems that when they make up their mind, they go for it. Sure, we haven't won a World Series yet, but it's sure fun trying rather than pretending. With Joba Chamberlain on board, maybe the Tigers have enough BEARD POWER to make a run at the title this year. If the bullpen can get grounded and develop roles, it should be another fun October in the D.

Thanks, Mr. Dombrowski.

Chris Brown, are you ready for this? 

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B. Hansen said...

been saying that for the past 5 years... the tigers are spending way more than the yankees...but it was so so so wrong when the yankees tried to buy the tigers are doing the same thing. i am glad you acknowledged it.