June 23, 2014

Summer Means | Enjoy Everything More

Summer Means | Enjoy Life More 

It's summer. A season that often is taken for granted.

Summer means relaxing around a bonfire.

Summer means taking in Tigers games, or White Caps games, or even Beach Bums games.

Summer means baseball. More hotdogs. More soft serve ice cream.

Summer means taking some time to reflect. And relax.

Summer means catching up on many, many books.

Summer means more fun.

Summer means mowing the lawn. More than necessary.

Summer means Elk Rapids. For some, the beach.

Summer means trying Northern Michigan's craft beers.

Summer means a new jam that rocks radio "all summer long."

Summer means Jimmy Buffett. And the Coral Reefer Band.

Summer means Miguel Cabrera. Justin Verlander. And even Don Kelly.

Summer means another summer older. Another summer bolder.

Summer means fun.

And this summer, we will take nothing for granted — even the sounds of summer.

The "true" sound of summer, Ernie Harwell. That's partially me in that classic photo from Tiger Stadium. I'm not sure the year ('86 or '87, probably) but I remember a chance meeting with Mr. Harwell, a request for an autograph, and a chance to talk to him for a minute. His voice, just like the on the radio. Grandpa Morgan used to say he worked "until five minutes to Ernie." Ernie Harwell brought Tiger baseball to many of us for years — before the daily games on TV, even before we could watch the Cubs or Braves every day. Mr. Ernie Harwell, the sound of summer. 

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