June 20, 2014

Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band

For Ten Years

I remember being about 11 or so when I first heard Bob Seger's album "Live" Bullet. At the time it had probably been around for seven years or so and was on the heals of his second live platter, Nine Tonight. As a youngster then, my love for Detroit was based entirely on the baseball team and not the city itself.

While I thought it was cool that Seger had recorded Bullet at Cobo Hall, the only association I had with Cobo was going there in '76 and seeing … uh, yeah, Spider–man. That was cool and all — but getting lost in the parking garage and not being able to find our car was somewhat traumatic. I still thought it was really cool when he said,
"I was reading in Rolling Stone where they said Detroit audiences are the greatest rock 'n' roll audiences in the world … I thought to myself … I've known that for 10 years."
 Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band, one of the greatest Michigan bands of all time. With hit live albums in 1976 and 1981, he made the genre his. The '76 disk pushed him forward and more into the national limelight. It wasn't long before a new album would drop and catapult him to rock star. Keep on rockin', Mr. Seger.

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