May 04, 2014

Billy Joel State of Mind

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I won't go into details because you already know I am a big time Billy Joel fan. The last few weeks, I have been in a "Billy Joel State of Mind." I seem to go through phases where I listen to certain artists for a few weeks at a time. Sometimes it's Bob Seger. Sometimes it's Kid Rock. Maybe John Mellencamp. Possibly Jimmy Buffett ... Right now, though, it's Billy Joel.

Howard Stern hosted Billy Joel in a "town hall" recently. It is cool — and if you like Billy at all — and you should listen to the event on Youtube. Rolling Stone even reviewed it. It's a fun listen and you find out stuff about Billy Joel that you did not know even if you've followed him since 1978.

It's still hard to believe that Billy's last album was released in 1993. River of Dreams came out my junior year of college — and I've been in education for 19 years. That's a long time for a recording artist to release no new rock 'n' roll recordings. I've discovered a treasure trove of Billy Joel rarities on Youtube recently. It's cool to "hear" the recording process that led up to his LPs in the '70s and '80s.

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I would encourage you to listen to the event. I actually converted it to MP3 and listened to it while driving. It actually caused me to laugh out loud a few times driving down the road. If anyone asked, it would be hard to explain what was so funny about the interaction between Stern and Joel, but there are some great moments.

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