April 25, 2014

Billy Joel: Outtakes and Demos Collection

The Piano Man

I remember an interview with Billy Joel years ago when he said that there would never be a collection of his rarities and demos unearthed because they didn't exist. I'm glad he didn't realize they existed. He did release a box set of rarities and such called My Lives. I think he might have forgot to check all of the vaults, though. On Youtube there is a vast collection of Billy's work, including a number of rarities from the development of some of his best albums.

One of my favorite albums by Billy Joel is Glass Houses.

Have you ever wondered what the creative process was for the album?

My all–time favorite Billy Joel album, which I've written about plenty here, is 52nd Street. "Big Shot" changed by the time it was released on the actual album but it's fun to hear what the original sounded like.

You can see similar videos [audio!] if you just search around a bit. The guy who harvests all this cool stuff can be found on Twitter at @Stoots_Askew. You can also find more information at the Facebook page: Click. It's worth checking out, especially if you've like Billy Joel for as long as I have.

One more, for the "road."

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