February 23, 2014

#Back in #Michigan

Land of ice and snow

I love Michigan. I can't think of a better place to live. This winter I can't think of a better place to leave. It's been cold. Snowy. Icy. Windy. Just plain - wintry. We haven't had a winter like this in a long time - 30 years or so.

I'm on a plane

We are just about to land in a Southwest Airlines 737 in Grand Rapids after a week in 88 degree heat in Lakeland and Orlando where we were able to talk to members of my favorite baseball team. I found out that JV will sign an autograph. I found out that Jose Iglesias speaks really good English. I found out that Miguel Cabrera is a great guy and great ball player.

But as we land, we both know it is COLD back in the Great Lakes State. Rumor has it that because of the nearly solid ice lakes - Superior, for example - that it is going to be a cold summer. After this winter ... a cold summer doesn't seem right. 

I guess it is nearly 28° as we glide home. That would be 60 degrees lower than yesterday — not to mention that we haven't felt 30ish in Michigan much since November. 

That said, I love my state. No poisonous snakes. Four seasons. And the Detroit Tigers. 

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