November 16, 2013

From the early days of my baseball years to the rock 'n' roll years and everything in between …

Baseball, rock 'n' roll, and books about it all 

(Above) Grandpa and I went to a few games at old Tiger Stadium. This was a fun day spent there in upper deck box seats. (Below) I still like to read. The content might be a little more in depth than the old Hardy Boys books. 
  1. Mark "The Bird" Fidrych was the first baseball player who I considered my favorite. I had the tee-shirts, the hats — and later, the hair. At the time I idolized The Bird, I was … four. 
  2. I have always like music. My first album was Gene Simmons' solo album in 1978. Not long after, I received the album that I originally thought I was getting when I got an album with "Burning Up With Fever" — Double Vision by Foreigner with the song, "Hot Blooded." I still love KISS and Foreigner to this day, 35 years later. 
  3. The first autograph I ever asked for was that of Detroit Tigers left hander Pat Underwood. I already had Mark Fidrych's, which my Grandpa had got for me in spring training in '76 or '77. Since I knew that Grandpa had contacts, I asked for Underwood's because I thought he was cool. On the other side of the ball, Grandpa had an unknown rookie sign the ball — Kirk Gibson. And Gibby would replace Fidrych as my favorite Tiger. 
  4. The first concert I ever attended was Billy Joel at the Palace of Auburn Hills in 1990. I've been to many, many concerts since then. I've seen Joel, John Mellencamp, Kid Rock, Jimmy Buffett, Shooter Jennings, David Allen Coe, Uncle Kracker, and many others numerous times as well as many acts one or two times. Back in February 1990, Bru and I went to the Billy Joel show with my Uncle John and Aunt Connie. 
  5. Later on, I caught an Ace Frehley cup at a KISS New Year's Eve concert, caught drum sticks at Billy Joel and Foreigner concerts, and have been back stage a number of different times. 
  6. As a really young kid, I would stand in book stores in the mall and imagine being able to read. I couldn't wait to read the Hardy Boys series and eventually did read all of the hard cover versions. I've also bought all of the DVD series, as well. I've always loved reading and probably have an addiction to buying books. is either good for me or not so good for me. I go to Goodwill often to purchase books at a seriously discounted rate. I give some away, but I read most of them. 
  7. I went to double headers at Tiger Stadium in the mid–70s — and didn't want to stay for both games because it was somewhat boring. 
  8. I never drank coffee until I was in graduate school. Now, I make a couple pots coffee every morning. I don't drink all the coffee but it's good. 
  9. My first teaching position was at Vestaburg Jr./Sr. High School and I student taught at Ithaca. Their football team was "just okay" back then. 
  10. I used to ride my bike for miles every day when I was a kid. We would leave early in the morning and never get back home until later in the day. And I don't think anyone worried. I used to drink from garden hoses. I didn't wear a seat belt until it was a law. And on the subject of riding the bike, I may have dressed as a police officer and pulled over the older kids. And it's amazing that I didn't grow up to be a cop. 
(Above) At his 90th birthday party, my Grandpa received a phone call from former Tigers announcer Ernie Harwell. That was pretty darn cool. (Below) Gibby signed a ball for me not too much before being on the cover of SI. 

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