October 16, 2013

Walk Up Music

The music a player walks up to the plate … How do they select their songs … Do they represent themselves or are they just songs that the players like? Have you ever wondered about this?

I think if I were a ballplayers, I would contact some local musicians and ask them to create a walk–up song for me. Imagine playing in Detroit and you're Prince Fielder. You could get ahold of Eminem or Kid Rock and ask them to put together a walk–up snippet for you.

This would do two things.

First, it would be totally original. If the song were catchy, it might become popular. Fans would wonder about the song. Then they would want to know where they could get it.

Second, it would generate sales for the artist. You can imagine that baseball fans would want the songs. It might even lead to an album called Detroit Tiger Walk–up Music or something much more creative.

I picked Prince because he seems to choose different and unique music regularly. So, he gets ahold of Eminem and Eminem creates The Slugger's Rap and it catches on. Pretty soon, it's selling on iTunes and it becomes somewhat of a hit. This type of trend would have the chance to catch on.

Many locales have their local musicians who could provide this type of service. Maybe it would be looked at as selling out. But it wouldn't really be advertising, it would be promoting. It would build a fun bridge between music and baseball.

I just had to take a different angle this morning. What else would I write about?

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