April 08, 2013

My Take on the First Pitch in Detroit, 20

It's only "Opening Day" when the game is in Detroit. That's Opening Day to me. 

Other scenes from the Opener:

Ken gets directions on the People Mover.

After checking out Detroit, we stopped for a late night snack at Lafayette Coney Island. 

Yes, they were delicious. 

My Opening Day "gear." Thanks again to Amber and Cassandra for the cool Gibby jersey. 

Ken and Huck relax near the garbage. Tradition says we must take a garbage pic every year. 

Getting the field ready. 

We made it to Kid Rock in time to see Buckcherry open up but we missed the opening opener because of the Opener in Detroit. 

These were our original seats, but we moved. 

Another great show from the Kid. 

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