March 22, 2013

Sayings I Actually Like

Some things get trite quickly. 

It Is What It Is … I actually complained about Prince Fielder at times last year, even though he had an overall great season. I don't think I'll have to complain this season because I think he's going to be the third MVP in a row from the Detroit Tigers. He's going to put up a monster year. 

Other phrases actually make sense and have a reason to stick around. Actually, when it started to get a lot of "play," I didn't necessarily think it made a lot of sense. But, the more I encounter people, things, and incidents that happen — may or may not make sense — and affect different situations or other people BUT that I actually have no control over …

It is what it is. 

I really think that phrase is starting to make more sense. The older I get (I'm 41 now) the more I realize that I can "control" one person in this world. Myself. And, I even wonder if that's a fact sometimes. People are unique. People are awesome. People do great things. People do crazy things. People do stupid things.

It is what it is.

We usually get past the mistakes, goofs — heck, we find a way to get past great things.

I enjoy my interactions with people. If I'm asked for advice, I may share it. But I'm always sure to make sure that the person asking really wants my opinion. Sometimes, as a leader, I have to offer my opinion whether people want it or not. Neither time does anyone have to listen or take the advice.

I suppose "it is what it is" is just another way of saying, "whatever!" Things happen. I guess we deal.

How do you deal? I think my wife would say

Keep Calm And Carry On.
 Hey, Miguel, "Who's Your Tiger?" Even heroes make mistakes. 

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