February 15, 2013

Going out on a limb …

The Tigers do not have a proven closer. 

José Valverde does not have a job. 

I've written before about Papa Grandé and his struggles down the stretch last season. He was such a stressful ninth inning man from day one on; however, his meltdowns against the Athletics and Yankees are legendary.

Having said that …

If they were to sign Valverde for a one–year contract at a low base rate, it might be a win–win for both sides. Everyone is so concerned that the Tigers don't have a proven closer (insert comments about the overrated closer position) and Valverde is proven. (Yeah, I know, proven as what?)

Jim Leyland made some comments about Valverde yesterday, which would seemingly open up the opportunity for working things out. I thought for sure someone would pick up the former Tiger. I really expected it to be the Houston Astros, but he hasn't signed anywhere. His name has been banded about, but even Brandon Inge signed. So, Inge and Raburn were picked up and Valverde waits for a phone call.

I'll report directly from Lakeland on Sunday afternoon! I'll be there tomorrow afternoon, but the players will already be golfing!

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