January 12, 2013

Teaching … Learning … Education

What did you learn today?

Photo borrowed from Flickr CC. 

Questions about teaching and learning that may not have immediate answers but are questions that I frequently pose. I originally ran these questions in both December 2007 and 2008. I ran across the questions again and thought I would post them.

• How do you know if you are engaging your students in learning?

• If you could change one thing about education, what would it be?

•Do today's schools, based on a system created over 100 years ago, still prepare our children for tomorrow?

• What role does technology play in early elementary schooling?

Do you remember … what education was like 10 years ago? Five? One?

• How do you change the mindset of someone who believes that "I had recess at 10:30 when I was in school, my children should have recess at 10:30" ?

• If a student has great potential, but his/her attitude is affecting his/her performance, what do you do?

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