January 21, 2013

Monday Morning

What's the plan? 

Every Monday morning, managers and leaders are busy getting ready for the coming week.

They send out schedules and reminders to their teams.

I remember as a young administrator wondering why I would have to remind anyone of upcoming events. Once something is announced, I assumed, was enough. People would write it in a calendar and show up to the event, meeting, or whatever.

Then one day when the band teacher was again late to a staff meeting — or the counselor didn't show up at all — I realized that this really only affected one or two people: the principal and me, the athletic director. The usual answer: "I forgot."

That's when I started sending more reminders. Reminders of meetings. Calendars of the month. Weekly event calendars. Heck, once I started doing that, I actually remembered what my week or month consisted of. I found that reminding people actually helped me focus better.

As much a techie as I am, I actually keep a written calendar, as well. I think it's important and research suggests that actually writing something helps you put it in your own mind, as well. So, when an event is scheduled now, I write it into Google Calendar and also write it into my monthly calendar.

So, good morning and have a great week!

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