January 27, 2013

I'm Ready for Baseball

I bet that announcement surprised everybody! I'm ready for some baseball. 

I'll knuckle to that. Last year was a season of ups and downs but in the end the Tigers were one of the last two teams standing. Yeah, my Dad would say they were the first losers, but I know that the fans of 28 other teams would have loved to be rooting for their baseball team at the end of October.

I always wanted to get a chance to get a photo of the Spirit of Detroit wearing the jersey with the Old English D. In 2012 we finally got that opportunity. The Series didn't go how we wanted it to go go, but it was a great season — and a great run in the playoffs. We beat the Oakland Athletics in an awesome series. All it took was Justin Verlander telling us to "Chill … out! I've got this." And he did. He pitched an awesome game, going all nine innings and shutting out the Athletics. Then, we took care of the Yankees in a series that saw the Tigers pitch really well and the media say the Yankees quite hitting. Huh?

I hope that in 2013 we'll be able to have a similar marquee on the Fox Theater. It's a great experience for the City of Detroit to enjoy the playoffs — and close out with the World Series. You'd be surprised to find out that I've been a Tigers fan since the days of Mark "The Bird" Fidrych. We Tiger fans have had our highs and lows, bottoming out in 2003. When the team returned to the World Series in 2006, a mere three seasons after that terrible, awful, no good season, we knew things were on the upswing.

Folks, the Tigers are still good. Their stars are in their prime. We have the best position player (hitter) in the game and the best pitcher. Yes, other teams improved, upgraded, etc. But, the Tigers are still the defending American League Champions. And that's a great feeling.

When the sun set on the New York Yankees' season, we knew we were going to be advancing to the … WORLD SERIES. (Maybe we should have let the Yankees get back in the series, though, right?)

Sweep! Sweep!! Sweep!!!

Mason couldn't stop smiling after the Tigers won the American League!

At least we got to see a team win the World Series ...

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