October 14, 2012

I were commissioner of Major League Baseball …

One thing I would change. Add double headers into the mix. 

Not these silly 1 p.m./7 p.m. games where the spectators have to pay for both, either. I'd make it 1 p.m. followed by a 2o minute break. I would do this every Sunday for every team from the middle of June through August. That's 12 or 13 Sundays where you would play not 12 games, but 24 to 26. By doing this, you could end the season on September 15 and start the playoffs. 

The wildcard games could become best of three, and everything else could remain the same. The World Series would be done by October 15 every year, so we wouldn't be faced with the bitter cold and rain we've seen the last few postseasons. 

I love postseason baseball, but it gets tough when the weather gets so cold. I can take the cold, but can the "average" fan deal with it? 

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