October 11, 2012

2006 | Postseason Review

Winning. Is. Fun. 
More fun than last night. 
After the Tigers won the Division Series in 2006, the Fox Theater marquee displayed a "congrats."

Section 128, just prior to the Tigers beating the Yankees. 

Chris Brown and Rob Wise celebrating in the D.

Denny Kreiner, Chris Brown, Ken Kreiner, and Dan Thering. In front of Tiger Stadium. 

Dan Thering, Chris Brown, and Denny Kreiner prior to the final game of the Championship Series. 

Could this be the day? 

Getting closer. Did Jason Grilli just walk the bases full? 

The infamous Chicken Man, who was everywhere that night.  

Always wanted to get one of those "first edition" papers. 

Remember when Leyland was magic? 

Oh, let's hope for something like this!!!

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