September 09, 2012

Sunday Ramblings

Rambling for a Sunday Morning

Dad and me playing catch at Grandpa and Grandma Morgans back in about 1973. 

I guess I think since I've been playing catch since about 1973 (maybe earlier) I have something to say about this great game of baseball, and especially the Detroit Tigers Baseball Club. I've seen Mark Fidrych pitch, Jack Morris, Cecil Fielder hit … I've enjoyed World Series games in 1984 and 2006, listened to Kid Rock sing "Rock n Roll" after beating the Athletics in '06 … 
The above poster was one I designed in 2007, the season we were supposed to run away with things. This is something that we seem to deal with every single year (2007, 2008 when we added all the offense that turned out to be offensive, 2009 when we lost to the Twins in a microcosm game on the final day of a 163–game season, 2010 when we were supposed to rebound …) I am a huge fan of Jim Leyland, but I have complained about his managing every season except for 2006. 

After the Tigers won the American League in 2006, the city went crazy. It was an amazing run. The Detroit Tigers were back on the map, and under Leyland, they've stayed on the map; however, they've just stayed like a blip on that map. Dave Dombrowski built an incredible roster with MANY flaws. The offense should be decent, but isn't; the pitching should be good, but sometimes isn't; the bullpen should be stellar, but is inconsistent … Where should the Tigers go from here, especially if they decide not to win the American League Central. Regardless, I don't think Leyland will be captaining this ship next season. It would be great if he could go out with a World Championship — and if the Tigers get into the playoffs, I think they would probably have a great chance to march right through. In big games, they seem to focus and play much better.

This is the first season since 2001 that Brandon Inge is not longer a Tiger. This pic, taken in 2004, shows a young Inge — one who thought he was going to be the starting catcher but was replaced by the signing of Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez. Pudge symbolized the possible resurgence of baseball in Detroit — and he truly helped get the Tigers back on the map …

Jim Leyland, in better times. He's been criticized every single season he's managed the Tigers. He's a solid manager, but his line-ups have been talked about, decisions questioned, etc. He's a good manager, but his time might be up. Thanks to Roger Dewitt for the use of this photo.

Ken Kreiner, Mark Grossbauer, and I took in an ugly Tigers/Angels game when Jose Mesa was pitching for the Tigers. It was a fun game and a good time, but the Tigers lost.

Red Dawn comes out on November 21. It's a reboot of the classic from 1984. I'm looking forward to it, mostly because the original is a cult classic and because it was filmed in Detroit. The above photo is the parking garage on Michigan Avenue that was turned into Police headquarters when the North Koreans took over the city.

Have a great Sunday and thank you for reading!

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